Goa, 'The Rome of the East', breaths the air of fiesta, relaxation and merry making. The unique culture of Goa represents a fine blend of traditionalism and modernism. The lenient and easy going ambiance and friendly, hospitable and happy go lucky people characterize the juvenile demeanor of this paradise on earth.

Goa is a multi ethnic state. As it was a Portuguese Territory for about 450 years, apart from Hinduism, people following Christianity are too found in a large number. Every religion is given equal importance and all the religious festivals are celebrated with peerless unity and enthusiasm here. Goa is the most westernized Indian state and the people here enjoy the typical tropical lifestyle. They like debonair lifestyle. 'Siesta' is the best example of this. Every afternoon from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, when it is quite hot, everybody shuts the shops and spends time resting at home. People in Goa co exist very harmoniously and peacefully and they have never fought over religious issues till today.

Goa is famous for its variety cuisine like Fish Curries, Rice, Prawns, Vindaloo, Xacuti, Cafreal, Other Sea Food, Dodol, Bebinca, Sorpotel, Pork sausages, Kahtkhate, Sannas, Hitt and Feni. Shopping is another delight here and you can take home Cashew nuts, Chitaris, Azulejos, Sarongs, Silver Jewellery, Wood Work, Pottery Items, Crochet, Embroidery, Jute Craft, Sea Shell Craft, Coconut Mask Carvings, Lacquer Ware Toys, Hand-Painted Ceramics from Goa.

Along with the name Goa, what strikes immediately is Jazz Music. Music is the part of life and blood of Goans. Violin, piano and mandolin are the most frequently used musical instruments here. Other than that, local Konkani music divided into four categories: Fugdi or Dhalo, Deknnis, Dulpod and Mando are very famous here.

Goa is especially famous for its festivals and carnivals like Shigmo, Shivaratri, Zatra, Festival at St. Anthony, Kesarbai Kerkar Music Festival, and Goa Heritage Festival etc. These festivals not only give fun but also present the cultural and traditional heritage of Goa.

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