The climate of Goa is characteristically tropical and mostly humid. Temperature goes to its peak during the month of May. Average temperature of summer in Goa is around 35°c. In the afternoon after 3:00 pm, cool sea breeze starts and it turns the hot summer day into a cool pleasant evening.

Monsoon starts in early June and lasts till September. It doesn't rain in Goa except for these four months, with only one exception of March 2008. Average rainfalls recorded in Goa are approximately 330 cm. Goans love monsoon and they celebrate festivals to welcome rain showers.

Winter in Goa is quite short. It starts in mid December and ends in February. Average temperature of a day in winter goes up to 28°c and that of night is recorded up to 21°c. Temperature of the coastal areas differs from those far from the coast. The areas inside are cooler than the coastal areas.

The climate of Goa is overall amiable and any season is good for paying a visit. But the period between October and February is more advisable because the sky is clear and the sea is calm during these months.

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