If Utopia actually exists, if paradise is regained, if dreamland comes true, if you want to pluck stars, the only thing you will have to do is, visit Goa! The land where cool blue sea with icy white swirls, shiny golden sand and swaying coconut trees unite, and in their concord create an Arcadia personified, it is none other than the Pearl of Orient, Goa.

The smallest, the richest and the best placed Indian State, where beauty of Eden, ecstasy of pleasure and bliss of euphoria are found in their true forms, is Goa. Located in south west part of India in the terrain called Konkan, the state of Goa shares its boundaries with Maharashtra and Karnataka on north and east respectively. And the great Arabian Sea encompasses the western boarders.

Preserving the relics of Portuguese heritage and representing the happy marriage of orient and occident, Goa attracts approximately 2.5 million tourists every year. Known worldwide for its palm fringed golden beaches, architectural heritage, rich biodiversity and madness of jubilation, Goa fascinates every sensitive soul and charms every beating heart. Regardless of your age, aspirations and preferences, Goa promises the best time of your life.

Renowned for its ancient churches and forts, museums and mansions, tombs and temples, adventure sports, carnival festivals, dance, music and food, Goa is really the Promised Land well delivered.

Goa History

If we examine the mythological references to the history of Goa, the first literary mention of this name is found in the Mahabharata as, 'The Land of Cows'. It is said that the Lord Parshurama was the creator of this region. Arrivals of Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna have also been noted here. In 'Skanda Purana', the famous Hindu Scripture, Goa has been described as the city that washes all your sins. Goa was then called 'Gomantaka'.

Keeping aside the myths and legends, the prehistoric and Stone Age carvings and engraving found here prove that the history of Goa is dated back to 8000 BC. Sumerians, Indo-Aryans and Dravidians inhabited Goa from 2200 BC. In 3rd century BC, Goa was under the governance of Emperor Ashoka. Later, the royalty of Goa was represented by Chutus, Satavahanas, Western Kshatrapas, Abhiras, Bhojas, Konkan Mauryas, Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Silharas and Kadambas. From 1312 AD, Goa was ruled by Mughal Sultans of Delhi. Passing from the hands of Harihara of Vijaynagar, Bahmani Sultans and Adil Shah, finally in 1510, the reigns of Goa were taken over by Portuguese rule.

After the independence of India, Portuguese were not ready to leave and Indian Army had to undertake an Operation Vijay. As a result, Goa was conquered and merged into India as a Union Territory. Finally on May 30th, 1987, Goa was honored as the 25th state of free India.

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